Pompon furniture

                       Pompon chair

I bet you love the colors and would wanted to have it in your personal lounge right away. But to do that you have to live in Germany because this colorful vintage wooden chair is entirely made in Germany and is handmade (MYK-Berlin). This furniture is designed by Myra Klose. 

The old vintage wooden chair weighs around 22 kg and with a seating height - 45-48 cm, seating depth - 45 cm, height of backrest - 75 to 85 cm. Backrest and seating are formed out of 350 handmade pompon! Yes! 350 handmade pompon, which are made from merino wool and merino wool mixture.


The chair below has over 260 pompons in pastel rose design. This chair weighs 22 kg and measures as: seating height: 42 to 43cm , seating depth: 45 cm, height of backrest: 82 cm, width 64 cm.

Other than the furniture the designer also has Pompon Rugs, Pompon Pouf, Pompon Puff roses, Pompon Cushions, Pompon Isle, Pompon Poodle, Pompon Snow leopard and Pompon Beaskin. 

Pompon pouf


Pompon pouf roses

Pompon Isle