Men, Women and Machines!

Men, Women and Machines!

Lever, Pulley & Screw! The idea of a machine was developed back in 3 B.C.E with simple machines. Today, we live in a world where there are zillions of machines around us, working tirelessly, communicating with each other relentlessly, building for us, cooking  for us, chauffeuring us, guarding us and helping us. Congratulations! We have successfully created the third sex: Machines (μηχανη).

New office: New Beginning

Dear All!

We are happy to announce that we opened our Design office in Attickal, Ponkunnam, Kerala. We are right on side of the Pala-ponkunnam highway. Our office has been open for business from 14 April 2017.

Please feel free to visit us when you are in the area.


Project Completion: Ayurveda resort

Lake & Mountains

Lad and Lass! We are pleased to announce the completion of our commercial project "Lake & Mountains", a Ayurveda resort located by the side of Malankara Lake in Kudayathoor, Kerala.

            Experiene the power of yoga at the serene landscape at Kudayathoor, Kerala, India

Take a look at the photos below and discover the charm of "Lake and Mountains" and let us know what you think. 

The resort has three treatment rooms and eight cottages and Yoga hall with a breathtaking view of the malankara lake.

                        Consultation room

                           Treatment room

Building a house in 85 days!


What would you say if someone asked you to built their house in 87 days. We got a call from our client Madukkakuzhy Ayurveda for remodeling the residence of Dr. Jobin J Madukkuzhy. The catch was though, the project has a small window, 87 days for completion. The client had a tight schedule since the residence was located at the heart of their Ayurveda Resort in Kanjirappally, Kottayam. 


How did it workout?

How did we do it? Planning and Execution. That was our mantra. We meticulously planned each work & detailed them. We had a checklist of work that has to be done for each week and each day. At the end of each day we would review the progress and  update our schedules.

We didn't waste even a single day daydreaming about what can be done. Wood works and prefabrication work started immediately after the project commenced. We are glad (by gods grace) that each & every work were completed as scheduled including landscaping.

  then and after (exterior)

  then and after (exterior)


then and after (interior)

inside view

Final note

That was a hectic 85 days of my life! We were like this train engine, huffing, puffing and chugging at the end (remember the Puffing Billy?). But the journey was worth it.

On the final note I would like to thank Dr. Jobin J Madukkakuzhy for entrusting us with this project and most importantly the freedom he gave us which was instrumental in the no lag nature of the project.

We thank almighty for holding the monsoon rains for us :-).

We thank our supervisor Saju who was at the site for 85 days, all the teams: construction, electrical, plumbing, roofing, painting, tiling, carpentering, masons, helpers and all our vendors who matched with best price, quality and promptness.

Will post the detailed pictures soon...

Creativity is a gift from god!

Creativity! The buzz word we often hear in media and conferences and at schools and at training rooms in offices. We are taught to be creative at home, office and at personal level and we are preached about the value of right brain thinking.

I wonder, why a basic human trait had to be taught! You don't teach a grown adult, how to walk, then why with creative thinking! We were creative when we were young. We found new use for anything and everything. We created our own song and sang them like no one listens. We found elephants and camels in the clouds. We drew. we painted. We didn't care for the quality of paper or pencil, all we cared was how to get our ideas on to that paper, a little piece of paper.


All Children Are Born Artists, The Problem Is To Remain An Artist As We Grow Up.” – Pablo Picasso

To me creativity is not being repetitive and finding a new and better way of doing something! Don't ask me to repeat my work, I'll cry, cringe and feel bored. When we design our project we sit down and create a blueprint of our design and the most important thing we consider, "Never repeat the design", even though it was successful. It's always "Is there a better way to do this!". When you find a successful design or method, your mind looks for the safer route, which is, why not use the one which was successful. It might look right, easy and the logical way in but in the long run it'll kill your creative ability. You would then scourge online for inspiration instead of searching inside you for inspirations. That to me is scary! It's like you no longer exists!


Where did we loose it?

Creativity is a gift but it can be taken away too. Education system is the main culprit which kills the creativity and we parents parade it. The current education system around the world was developed during the industrial revolution which were meant to create resources for industries, some one who can do math, who can do science, who can stick with schedules.

When kids are in kindergarten, kids are often asked 'A' question, "what do you want to become?" Kids reply "Hmmm, I want to be a doctor, I want to be a engineer, I want to be a lawyer" and people smile and say "wow! just like your dad/mom" and there are other kids who say these "I like to draw, so painter", "I love to dance, so dancer", "I love to sing, so singer". The strange thing that happens is that we put the kids who wanted to be a painter, dancer, singer in the same group of kids who wanted to become a doctor, engineer and lawyer and ask them to become a doctor, engineer or lawyer, in very rare case let them pursue their passion but only after the "formal" education! And we tell the creative kids to paint, dance and sing "ONLY" after they finish their homework or probably during summer holidays with a sub-clause "if time permits"! That's cruelty, it's like chaining our kids with a invisible vibranium chain!


How to be creative?

  • To be creative you need to put your imagination at work. Don't be afraid to imagine, don't say "this is the only way it can be done!". There are infinite number of solutions to a problem so don't be afraid to imagine, no one is going to charge you for that! Let your imagination roll.
  • Be prepared to be wrong. You need to be prepared to be wrong if not you won't come up with anything original. So take that risk and enjoy the thrill it entails on you. The results can be surprising.
  • Choose the environment. The environment you are in should aid your creative process not undermine it. I can't work in a cubicle and an environment that ask me to be creative from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (sick).
  • Have a culture that encourages creativity. Have creative people around you, better better than you.
  • Sometimes creativity is mystical. My partner goes to sleep and at early morning hours, she can be seen designing, designs that she visualized during her sleep. I don't have that power, but it's very powerful, it's like someone gave them the question paper even before the exam dates were announced, they are detailed and powerful. So sleep on it! 

Lets get creative...

How Good Is Your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) - Part 1


We have been shared with facts and figures on how our world is polluted and how it's affects us in every facets of our life. Weather channel's flash pollution statistics with the visual of our city filled with smoke and fog. Startled by this and thinking hard how safe is the air outside?

Food for thought: Do you know how safe is the air inside your home? at your office? at shopping malls? at movie theaters? Or at your kids school? 

Lets alter our perception. Indoor air is more polluted than the air outside! Yes, you heard me right! Sometime up to two to five times higher than the air outside and occasionally more than 100 time higher than outdoor levels. That's a lot. US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) says that on average, Americans spend 90% of their time Indoor and it shouldn't be of much different to urban and semi-urban Indians. 

View of the city

Source of Indoor Pollutants

According to EPA, sources of Indoor air pollution may include: combustion sources; building materials and furnishings; household cleaning, maintenance and personal care or hobby products; central heating and cooling systems and humidification devices; and outdoor sources such as radon, pesticides; lead-based paints; tobacco smoke, log and wood smoke; asbestos and outdoor pollution. 

Is our indoor air polluted?

Health effects from these indoor pollutants can be experienced immediately after exposure or, possible, after few years. Certain health effects are similar to that of cold or viral disease and due to this it's often difficult to find out if it was caused by the indoor pollution. If the symptoms go away when a person is away from home and returns when the person come back to the home, that's the clue for you to find the cause of the indoor air pollution and rectify it.

3 strategy

Three Basic strategy

US EPA recommends three basic strategy for controlling the air pollution at our homes.

01. Source Control

The most effective way to improve the indoor air quality is finding the source of air pollution and eliminating the source or reducing the emission. This method is the most effective solution in controlling the air pollution at our homes.

02. Ventilation Improvement

Ventilation! Yes! you heard me. Open your windows and doors and increase the outdoor air coming to your home when the outdoor environment lets you . Bathroom and kitchen fans remove the odor and contaminants in that particular room and also increases the outdoor ventilation. So install them and use them. If your outdoor air quality is poor due to vehicle exhaust, ventilation cannot be effective unless it's accompanied by filtration and air cleaning.

03. Air Cleaners

There are many types of air-cleaners available in the market ranging from the table-top to whole-house systems. Table-top air cleaners are highly effective in reducing the particle in the air whereas can not effectively remove pollutants from strong nearby sources. A study conducted by NASA in 1989 suggest that indoor plants are helpful in removing the organic chemicals from our homes. The plant removes indoor air pollution either directly through their leaves or indirectly through the root/soil pathway. 

Air pollutants in our homes

Radon(Rn), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Organic Gases, Formaldehyde, Pesticides, Asbestos, Lead (Pb),  Benzene (C6H6), Trichloroethylene (C2HCl3) are the major pollutants that can be found in our homes.

We'll discuss the sources of the chemicals, their health effects and their acceptable levels in our home and how to safeguard your family from this pollution in our next post. 

Visiting the Statue of Liberty

Photo taken from the State Cruise Ferry

It was the summer of 2011 and as my flight was approaching New York, an announcement came from the pilot cabin "Ladies and gentleman, we are now flying over Statue of Liberty". I quickly pulled up the window shutter and I got a bird's-eye view of Statue of Liberty, it looked splendid and breathtaking. 

On July 2nd, Karthik & I decided to take a trip to Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. We parked our car at Liberty central park and bought the tickets at the CRR of NJ (jersey central) and boarded the State cruise ferry and it took us 30 minutes to reach Statue of Liberty. 

Ferry to Statue of Liberty.JPG

Access to crown was limited (aftermath of September 11), you need to purchase the tickets for entering the crown six months prior so we purchased tickets for pedestal access. The Liberty Island museum is located in the lobby of the pedestal. They have chronicled the Statue of Liberty development by presenting early models of the statue, armature bars and recreated parts of the statue like the face and foot of the French lady! Little did I know that Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel (designer of Eiffel tower) was the designer for the internal support element of Statue of Liberty.

Armature bars-statue of liberty

Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel

After we climbed the stone pedestal and we were treated with the panoramic view of Ellis Island, New York, New Jersey and New York Harbor. You could see Brooklyn Bridge and the skyscrapers of Manhattan. It was so beautiful view up there and we took some photos of us and trudged back to the ferry (last ferry) with no mind to leave. It is truly an architectural masterpiece and longing to visit back again and this time we'll visit the crown :).




Seven Elements of interior design

Seven Elements of interior design

Aesthetics of space planning and interior design is governed by Principles and Elements. These element contribute to the success of the overall design. In this post we are going to talk about the seven elements of Interior design such as Space, Form, Line, Texture, Pattern, Light and Color. 

Pompon furniture

                       Pompon chair

I bet you love the colors and would wanted to have it in your personal lounge right away. But to do that you have to live in Germany because this colorful vintage wooden chair is entirely made in Germany and is handmade (MYK-Berlin). This furniture is designed by Myra Klose. 

The old vintage wooden chair weighs around 22 kg and with a seating height - 45-48 cm, seating depth - 45 cm, height of backrest - 75 to 85 cm. Backrest and seating are formed out of 350 handmade pompon! Yes! 350 handmade pompon, which are made from merino wool and merino wool mixture.


The chair below has over 260 pompons in pastel rose design. This chair weighs 22 kg and measures as: seating height: 42 to 43cm , seating depth: 45 cm, height of backrest: 82 cm, width 64 cm.

Other than the furniture the designer also has Pompon Rugs, Pompon Pouf, Pompon Puff roses, Pompon Cushions, Pompon Isle, Pompon Poodle, Pompon Snow leopard and Pompon Beaskin. 

Pompon pouf


Pompon pouf roses

Pompon Isle

Welcome to Thoughts & Musings

Welcome to Thoughts & Musings

Welcome to "Thoughts & Musings", a new blog by Panippura Design Studio where we'll talk about new ideas and available solutions in Architecture and Interior Design and creative works in design field.