Building a house in 85 days!


What would you say if someone asked you to built their house in 87 days. We got a call from our client Madukkakuzhy Ayurveda for remodeling the residence of Dr. Jobin J Madukkuzhy. The catch was though, the project has a small window, 87 days for completion. The client had a tight schedule since the residence was located at the heart of their Ayurveda Resort in Kanjirappally, Kottayam. 


How did it workout?

How did we do it? Planning and Execution. That was our mantra. We meticulously planned each work & detailed them. We had a checklist of work that has to be done for each week and each day. At the end of each day we would review the progress and  update our schedules.

We didn't waste even a single day daydreaming about what can be done. Wood works and prefabrication work started immediately after the project commenced. We are glad (by gods grace) that each & every work were completed as scheduled including landscaping.

  then and after (exterior)

  then and after (exterior)


then and after (interior)

inside view

Final note

That was a hectic 85 days of my life! We were like this train engine, huffing, puffing and chugging at the end (remember the Puffing Billy?). But the journey was worth it.

On the final note I would like to thank Dr. Jobin J Madukkakuzhy for entrusting us with this project and most importantly the freedom he gave us which was instrumental in the no lag nature of the project.

We thank almighty for holding the monsoon rains for us :-).

We thank our supervisor Saju who was at the site for 85 days, all the teams: construction, electrical, plumbing, roofing, painting, tiling, carpentering, masons, helpers and all our vendors who matched with best price, quality and promptness.

Will post the detailed pictures soon...